About the company

Vrtnarstvo Stanonik is a family business, which was established in 1999 by Emil and Majda Stanonik. Since 2005 the nursery is a member of PVD group (Profesionalna Vrtnarska Družba – Proffesional Nursery Association), which by now includes nearly 30 nurseries and private garden centres from all regions in the country. Every year there is a catalogue published at the beginning of spring, in which new plants and other novelties are presented for upcoming year. It’s called ‘Cvetje za poletje’ – ‘Flowers for Summer’ and it is free of charge for all regular customers.

The work at the nursery is divided into three different segments – plant production, florist’s services and landscape designing. The company seeks novelties every year in all directives of this profession, that’s why it’s constantly capable to provide/offer something new and interesting to the market. Plant production is confined to seasonal plants and perennials. Although through the whole year a wide variety of shrubs is also provided, as well as indoor plants, substrates, fertilizers, planters, decorative pots, hanging baskets, balcony boxes with measuring system, seeds, ornamental sand, natural and coloured tree barks, etc.

Plant production

The main segment in the company is plant production of the seasonal plants. Young, strong plants are ordered every year at well-established worldwide companies focused on cuttings. After the delivery small plants are potted in pots or hanging baskets of different sizes and then well supplied through their growing period. Afterwards final products are sold at the nursery, own florist shops and market places.

By order plants can be planted into the balcony boxes and then delivered directly to the orderer 0n the date settled in advance. Spring season is the busiest. Beside perennials, indoor plants and shrubs, over 400 different sorts of seasonal plants are avaliable at the nursery. When colder days arrive in autumn it’s time to change your plants with the ones that can tolerate lower temperatures – so called autumn beauties. When selling, a special attention is put into expert advices and buyer’s wishes. Company still thinks that knowledge, quality, hard work and regardful attitude to the customers is a key to success!

Florist’s shops

Florist’s services have been run from the beginning, but this segment was more extensively commenced in 2005, when the first own florist shop was opened just 8 km from the nursery. Through the years, two more were opened in different towns.

The advantage of own florist’s is that especially seasonal plants can be regularly delivered to the shop, that means fresh flowers are constantly avaliable. Supply involves cut flowers, indoor plants, seasonal plants, perennials and other goods like candles, unique articles, ceramics, fertilizers, etc. Services include bouquets for different occasions, wedding arrangements, decorating and wrapping presents.

Landscape designing

Last but not least segment is landscape designing, which has became even more relevant in the past few years. A comfortable garden is unique place to take a rest after a long day at work. Before making a plan it’s very important to know the intention – in a matter of which group of people it will be used for.

The company offers arranging and upkeeping parks, roundabouts and private gardens. In a new project everything starts with viewing the area and consultation with a client. After the plan is set, terrestrial work is done by excavator. Plants needed are provided immediately and planted into spots chosen. By order irrigation system can also be set and maintained.

Thank you for choosing us!

Vrtnarstvo Stanonik Team